Working with advertisers

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1. Do I need to join each affiliate program?

Yes, when you sign up with Rakuten PopShops you still have to be approved by each network and merchant you intend to offer products from.

For example, if you want to offer products from Nordstrom you would need to apply (and become a member of) the LinkShare Affiliate Network. After you have been approved and received your affiliate IDs, then you would apply and negotiate your terms with the Nordstrom Affiliate Program. Only after you have been accepted to both can you begin promoting their products and deals. You can find the network each merchant works with in our Affiliate Programs section.

You will not receive commissions for sales you refer unless you have an active relationship with that merchant.
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2. How do I sign up as an affiliate?

Rakuten PopShops is not involved in your relationship with merchants and affiliate networks. You sign up with the merchant through its affiliate network. For example, if you wish to sign up with, you would sign up through its affiliate network, LinkShare.

Some merchants, such as, provide independent affiliate programs. To join an independent program, you sign up directly with the merchant.

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3. Which merchants work with Rakuten PopShops

A list of the networks and 5,000 affiliate programs that Rakuten Popshops works with (except private merchants) is available on our Affiliate Programs list. You would need to contact the respective merchant and network to apply to those programs. If you would like to see a merchant added you can email Merchant Support.

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4. How can I track new and removed merchants?

You can track new and deactivated merchants with FaceBook, Twitter (@popshops), or use our RSS of our Facebook announcements (FaceBook account not needed).

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5. How do I request new merchant additions?

Please contact the merchant and to request a merchant that is not yet in Rakuten PopShops. You will need to know the program name, network(s) and program ID (if applicable) to send in your request. Please limit your requests to two open merchant request tickets at a time.