Troubleshooting API

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1. Link problems

Is a link on Rakuten PopShops API return not working correctly? Please refer to link troubleshooting.

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2. Using multiple affiliate IDs

Yes, you can use multiple affiliate IDs. To do so, create a "profile" of affiliate IDs from the Settings tab in your PopShops account. You can then select which profiles to utilize from the "catalogs" tab for the API service.

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3. Sub IDs (affiliate tracking)

You can use affiliate-defined sub-ID tracking to help you manage your sales. Each network gives this "sub ID" tracking a different name, but in a nutshell it appends the text (or code) that you want to the URL. You can then run reports at the network level for that sub-ID.

You can dynamically append any information, including Sub IDs for commission tracking (reported via your network account) using PopShops API parameter "&url_subid=". This will have your custom subid/sid dynamically appended in all final affiliate product urls provided in via API call results.

Alternatively, you can on any PopShops redirect url ( append sub ID information by inserting "/" followed by sub IDs at the end of the PopShops url.

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4. API returning no results

Please confirm that you are utilizing the correct API key and Catalog keys. If there is a problem it is almost always because:

  • You are using incorrect API and Catalog keys
  • You have not selected any merchants in your catalog(s)
  • You are not passing through a search parameter correctly
  • You are passing a search term that is misspelled and/or product does not exist
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5. Product search results are not relevant

PopShops default search sort order is influenced by various factors, including index relevancy and product and coupon click performance across PopShops platform.

If a result is not relevant then typically it is because there are very few merchants in your catalog. As you select more merchants the results will be more relevant. If you see a result that is not relevant even after you are working with a few hundred merchants then please inform us at and we will be happy to investigate.