Get to know ShopBuilder

Only available for affiliate publishers Enterprise or Data Pack accounts.

All Rakuten PopShops plans include ShopBuilder. Enterprise plan includes all available ShopBuilder features.

After you have gone through the initial steps of setting up your own website, establishing affiliate relationships and entering your affiliate IDs into your Account Settings, you can begin choosing the products you want to promote in the "Pick Products" tab.

There are four main steps to using ShopBuilder.

  1. Enter your affiliate IDs in your account Settings for the networks you work with.
  2. Find and select products you want to promote from your partner merchants.
  3. Choose the custom settings for how you want your shop to look and feel.
  4. Pop the snippet of code into your site where you want your storefront to appear.

You can use a shop snippet on any number of your websites.


Here are some examples of what Publishers can do with Rakuten PopShops ShopBuilder.

  1. Example (custom CSS):
  2. Example (basic shop appearance):
  3. Example (autofeed):
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