Release Notes – August 10th, 2017

Hello PopShops Clients,

Please see the latest system maintenance update on Thursday, August 10th, 2017.

On Thursday, August 10th, we performed system maintenance from 3pm-5pm EST. All APIs, FTP services,, Curate For PopShops and PopShops publisher dashboards will remain functional throughout the maintenance period.

A few new features and bug fixes have been released:

  • A new alert when attempting to use price search without setting a currency. To use price search, you must set a currency first and now a message appears alerting you
  • An alert warning you when attempting to make changes to a saved theme. If you edit a saved theme, it will apply the changes to all showcases using the theme, now a message appears warning you and requiring you to approve the edit on all showcases or simply save as a new theme to avoid changing all other showcases
  • The Manage Galleries page is now accessible inside the Galleries tab and from this page you can select to go directly to the gallery you want – you now longer have to re-find it in the galleries list. Please note that the original manage galleries page NOT inside Curate directly will still function
  • Bug affecting gallery item re-ordering has been fixed. Newly added products will show up at the beginning of the gallery.

There was no outage expected with the release, however a bug was introduced during the release that was not caught due to differing environments. This bug caused Curate for Popshops to fail to load. This bug has since been resolved. We’ve implemented tests to catch this moving forward and have updated our testing procedure with our QA team.

Your ongoing support is appreciated.

Thanks for being a part of our community!

-The PopShops Team