Release Notes - July 25, 2016

Hello PopShops Clients!

In our 07/25/2016 software release, PopShops has introduced a simplified navigation system for all of you that are on a Data Pack, Corporate, or Enterprise plan.

The changes in this release include the removal of the navigation links in the left sidebar in favor of a single navigation menu with drop-downs on the top of the page. You aren’t gaining or losing any functionality in this release, these changes are strictly cosmetic

Here is the before and after view.





The result is a far cleaner interface, but more importantly, it paves the way for some exciting new tools for publishers that are in the works for 2016 and 2017.

Another change you might notice is that we cleaned up all of the logos, icons, website URLs, and sign-up page links for our Affiliate Network partners.

Good things are coming to PopShops! We’ll keep posting updates as we release new functionality so you can follow along with our progress.