Release Notes - January 24, 2017

Hello PopShops Clients,

Please see the latest updates for our software release on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017. There was no downtime associated with these releases.


    In this release, we focused mostly on Curate for PopShops tool and administrative updates including:

    • Pagination was added to the recently released “Manage Galleries” page. This addition will speed up the page load time for customers with lots of Curate Galleries.
    • A bug was fixed that was causing some products in Curate that were missing a Sale Price to not load on our customer’s websites.
    • Logic was added to the account creation process to ensure that every new account has a Catalog that is wired to work with Curate.
    • A script was run to make sure that all of our Enterprise plan holders who do not currently have a Catalog have one now. This is a step in our plan to migrate all ShopBuilder Shops to Curate Galleries.
    • The address field on the Create Account and Account Upgrade page is now required. Leaving the field optional was causing occasional failures during the payment process.
    • Any pages requiring a credit card are now on https.
    • Curate was updated so that if the advertiser updates their offer on a product, the product is no longer removed from a gallery.


We welcome all of the feedback we’ve received regarding Curate for PopShops. Your ongoing support is appreciated.


Thanks for being a part of our community!

-The PopShops Team