"Pop it in" tab

The last step is publishing your shop into your website or blog. You can use a shop snippet on any number of your websites. Shop snippet language options are available in various languages:

  • Free accounts (Basic): Javascript, Typepad, Blogger
  • Pro accounts: All of the above plus PHP and ASP, or use plain HTML.
  • Enterprise and above: All of the above plus use XML, ATOM, CSV, and RSS2 versions of your shops.

Additionally, you could utilize Wordpress plugin.

  1. The Network ID Manager to the left of the pages helps you keep track of the affiliate IDs you have on file in your account. It's important that you are certain that you have affiliate relationships with each of the merchants in your shop. Tip: If you have a missing affiliate ID, the network ID manager will appear red.
  2. Choose the type of code snippet that you would like to embed. All plans support JavaScript, TypePad, or Blogger. 
  3. Copy the code snippet that you want to use for your site.
  4. Paste your code snippet into the HTML of your site where you want your shop to appear.