July 2017 Publisher Newsletter: Grow Your Advertiser Portfolio & Increase Your Earning Potential

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Summer is here and it’s the season to step back and enjoy more family & friend get-togethers, outings & all-out vacations. But you can also use this time to focus on your online business and ways you can improve your earning potential.

Rakuten PopShops provides tools for your online business, enabling you to earn commissions by promoting products and coupons from your favorite brands. Whether you have a full technical support team or are just going at it alone, you can provide a product or deals comparison experience for your web visitors using either our V3 API or product showcase tool, Curate for PopShops. It’s very important for you to generate the content for your website that your viewers relate to and want to engage with frequently but, if you want to add more value to their experience and promote a variety of relevant brands, you’ll need to develop direct relationships with those brands in their respective affiliate network(s). Below you’ll find some basic tips that can help you increase your approved advertiser list.

  1. Know Your Web Business – Whether it’s Launched or Not

    This first tip is important because there are times when your web business url is not ready for public but you need to secure partnerships with your targeted brands to launch. While many advertisers will want to partner with sites that have established a healthy traffic flow, it’s not always a requirement. No matter what the status is of your web url, know your business vision, mission and consumer value proposition like the back of your hand. Every great business starts with a plan and fulfills a consumer need, so make sure that your business plan and team are organized & taking the appropriate steps to accomplish your online goals. Be ready to tell your story. Having a tight handle on business strategy at this stage of your business, will help you create the best target list of brands to partner with. Many networks organize advertisers by Primary & Sub Categories, so start with the Primary Categories and narrow your list from there.

  2. First Impressions are Everything

    Most advertiser program detail pages include a contact email where publishers can introduce themselves and their business. Make the best first impression you can when reaching out to an advertiser to request approval. Explain your business model & current traffic stats using no more than 4 sentences. Describe your target audience & available promo channels and how you can reach the types of customers the advertiser is trying to reach. Provide your contact information for any follow up questions the advertiser may have. If you have design resources, create a full color one sheet with your site logo and the information above and send it to the advertiser. Whatever you decide, be confident, be succinct and let the advertiser know why a partnership with you will be valuable.

  3. Attend Affiliate Conferences

    Advertisers can receive hundreds of applications per day, so it’s not unusual if you get a delayed response. Attending well-known industry conferences is a great way to give you and your business the opportunity to meet with your targeted brand rep in person. This potential one to one time can move your application status to the next level and be the start of a great business relationship. Most conferences require time and monetary investment to attend but remember that these are great marketing opportunities for your business.

  4. Stay Engaged – Approval is only the Beginning

    If your application is approved, congratulations! But if you want to maintain your approved status, stay engaged with the advertiser and update them on how your business is growing, evolving and creating positive experiences for your audience. You want to stay top of mind of the advertiser as you build your business and grow your traffic levels. The affiliate industry is all about relationships, so nurture them and everyone wins!

What’s Next?

Here’s a list of top networks partnered with Rakuten PopShops http://popshops.com/affiliate-programs. Be sure you have a publisher account set up in those networks where your target brands participate. Prepare to market your team and your business and start applying to programs. You may be surprised how many approvals you get!


We appreciate your partnership and remain committed to providing tools and services that will help your business grow. If you have any additional questions, please contact support@popshops.com.

About the Author:

Dannielle Cumberbatch is Senior Director, Operations for Rakuten Marketing. With over 15 years of internet and marketing experience, Dannielle is responsible for the strategic growth and business development of both affiliate advertiser service support & publisher product & deals feed management. Joining the Rakuten family in 2006, Dannielle helped increase sales opportunities for both retail and B2B partnerships, through Online Desktop & Pay-Per-Call distribution. Prior to that time, she worked for Own Your Power Communications as National Promotions Manager.