AutoFeed is available for users subscribing to Pro and above plans.

AutoFeed is simple (no, seriously, it is). It allows you to automatically create additional pages of products similar to the ones you picked for the first page of your shop. Our research has found that SEO is much better when the first page of products has been HAND PICKED (rather than created as cookie-cutter storefronts) because the auto-created pages are more likely to be perceived as original content rather than duplicate content. For this reason we encourage you to take the time to craft your featured page of products and use the power of AutoFeed to create your additional pages.

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1. How to use AutoFeed?

In the example below, we took a few moments to create a shop with four products from four different flower merchants: JustFlowers (CJ), ProFlowers (LS), 1-800-FLOWERS (LS), and deLaFlowers (SAS).

To build this shop, we did a simple search with the keywords "red roses" and added the four products to our shop.

Then we clicked the preferences button above the thumbnails and turned AutoFeed on "Narrow".

The best way to have great results with AutoFeed is to have a specific, narrow keyword (or phrase) that you used for your search when you add that first page of products.

If you are checking "no follow" please be aware that there are actually two places that you will need to select no follow. One is on the autofeed page and the other is available when you are editing the styles your shops. To find this "no follow" box from your shop: click on style, click on edit, then look midway down the box on the right side to check "no follow".

Another important tip, please ensure that you place at least one product from each merchant you would like to use for autofeed in the top product spots in your shop. 

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2. Advanced AutoFeed Strategies

Here are some AutoFeed tips that will help you get relevant results.

When you start a new shop, think of the broadest term for what you want to promote. Let's use the example of ipod. You want to promote ipods.

Do a search for ipod. Click around the merchants that you want to include. Note that you get a bunch of accessories when you search for that term.

Let's say we want to include products from Apple Store and PC Mall. BUT DON'T ADD PRODUCTS YET. Sort results by # of products. Note that Apple is way at the bottom. If you click on Apple Store the top results are cases, shields, etc.

But look at the products. Not a lot of ipods. But notice that the actual iPods tend to have "4gb" or "8gb", etc as part of the name.

So, in the search box, change your search to ipod 4gb OR 8gb or 16gb OR 32gb OR "4 GB" OR "8 GB" OR "16 GB" OR "32 GB".

So, now click on Apple Store (which now has the most results). Better results. When you click on PC Mall you see a case, but mostly ipods. To fix this, change to:

ipod -case 4gb OR 8gb or 16gb OR 32gb OR "4 GB" OR "8 GB" OR "16 GB" OR "32 GB"

Now, add a product from Apple store and one from PC Mall.

Then turn on Narrow autofeed and click preview.

The results are of ipods. If you see any stray items that you want to omit, just put a minus sign and the word (-case) with no space between the minus sign and the word.

Rakuten PopShops treats a space like "and". So the example above would essentially be:

ipod AND -case

<with one of the following>

(4gb OR 8gb or 16gb OR 32gb OR "4 GB" OR "8 GB" OR "16 GB" OR "32 GB")

So, in other words, when you do a search:

  • a space between a word means AND.
  • OR between words means OR
  • a minus sign (-) means to omit the word
  • quotes means exact match
  • Be sure to put quotes in if you do a string like above or the space will be applied to the whole string.
  • Be sure all your products were added with the same search or the autofeed rules will not be predictable.