Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I get paid?

You get paid directly by the networks and merchants and get to keep 100% of your commissions.

  • You keep everything you earn.
  • You can negotiate special terms with merchants for your performance.
  • Your performance information remains private between you and the merchant/network.
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2. Does Rakuten PopShops host my site?

No, you need to have your own website in order to use Rakuten PopShops. Rakuten PopShops does not build or host websites, so if you don't already have one you'll need to find a host that supports Javascript or PHP and cURL and decide on a web publishing platform (WordPress, for example). If you run into issues with your shop not publishing correctly, ask your hosting company if cURL is supported and enabled.

If you don't already have one, you should find a hosting company that offers unlimited domain hosting and reliable customer support. Most hosts offer a trial period. We suggest taking advantage of that trial and contacting customer support to ensure good responsiveness.DreamHost has good customer support and an easy-to-use control panel. We've arranged a $50 discount off a one-year hosting plan. To receive the discount use coupon code POPSHOPS.

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3. How many of my websites can I use?

You can use Rakuten PopShops content on any number of your websites. Check to see if your networks require utilizing different tracking IDs for different websites.

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4. How do I look up my affiliate IDs?

To find instructions on how to locate your correct affiliate ID for each of the networks please login and click on Settings. Click on "Add affiliate ID" and you can find detailed instructions on where to find your affiliate ID.

To utilize affiliate products and coupons you need to make sure you have the correct affiliate IDs (and the correct profiles, PIDs, and even channels) entered in your Rakuten PopShops account.
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5. Can I use multiple affiliate IDs?

Yes, you can use multiple affiliate IDs if you are Enterprise plan or above. To do so, create a "profile" of affiliate IDs from the Settings tab in your Rakuten PopShops account. You can then select which profiles to utilize from "Pop it in" tab in ShopBuilder and from "catalogs" tab for API.

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6. Can I track sub-IDs?

You can use affiliate-defined sub-ID tracking to help you manage your sales. Each network gives this "sub ID" tracking a different name, but in a nutshell it appends the text (or code) that you want to the URL. You can then run reports at the network level for that sub-ID. Here are examples of the various labels given by networks to this type of tracking:

  • CJ: SID
  • LinkShare: Signature Orders
  • ShareaSale: afftrack

With ShopBuilder you can either use the Preferences tab or add a line of code to your "Pop it in" code for a dynamic Sub-ID (Data Pack plans and above for dynamic sub-IDs).

  • Static sub-IDs: In ShopBuilder, go to the preferences tab over the product layout thumbnails and click on "Tracking with Sub Accounts" tab. Then you can replace the default (popshops) with any phrase or code you choose.
  • Dynamic sub-IDs: If you are a Data Pack (or above) subscriber, you can add dynamic sub-IDs to a ShopBuilder shop. To add a dynamic ID to your shop, do the following:
    • Add an additional parameter to the code snippet that you copied from the "Pop it In" tab.
    • $psps_parameters .= "&psps_subid=MYCUSTOMSUBID";
    • In other words you just add a psps_subid parameter set to whatever you want the final sub-ID value to be.

With Rakuten PopShops API service you can dynamically append any information, including Sub IDs for commission tracking (reported via your network account) using parameter "&tracking_id=". This will have your custom subid/sid to be dynamically appended in any final affiliate product urls. Also, you can on any Rakuten PopShops redirect url ( append sub ID information by inserting "/" followed by sub IDs at the end of the Rakuten PopShops url.