With Squidoo, you will need to use HTML (Pro,Enterprise, and Datapack plans) since JavaScript, PHP, etc are not permitted. (Note: Please refer to the Squidoo Terms of Service for any details regarding content permitted on that site.)

To add a Rakuten PopShops affiliate store to Squidoo:

  1. Login to Rakuten PopShops and choose your products.
  2. In the "Pop it in" tab choose HTML in the "Choose your favorite flavor" code dropdown box.
  3. Login to your Squidoo account and click "Add module"
  4. Choose a "Text/Write Module" and click "Save".
  5. Squidoo only allows a maximum of 10,000 characters per module, and doesn't support the style sheet info, so just copy everything within the TABLE in the HTML code snippet.
  6. Paste into your module.